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TIP1 – Facing black entries while scrolling in Windows 10 Immersive Control Panel (Apps & Devices)?
Maybe this is the reason why…
If you are using VMware Horizon Agent 7.10 (and below), VMware Blast protocol to connect to Windows 10 (v1803) VDI session and have a NVIDIA Grid vGPU card in my case Tesla T4 (1b & 1q profile with 9.1 Windows Driver version), then probably your refresh rate is set to 20Hz, while 60Hz is available. I’ve tried several ways to capture the refresh rate with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) or couldn’t find a way to force it via the registry. All with no luck. After creating a support ticket at VMware, they told me this is a known issue and I should try to use the Horizon 7.11 Agent. After creating a new Windows 10 VDI Test Pool, the refresh rate is set to 60Hz and the black entries while scrolling in the Windows 10 Immersive Control Panel in the Apps section & Devices (adding printers or scanners) section. It is a bug in lower versions of the Horizon Agent in combination with newer NVIDIA Grid vGPU Windows drivers.

QF1 – Windows 10 File Explorer search field not working
If you are having issues with a non working search field at the “Quick Access & This PC” in the Windows 10 File Explorer and you are using VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) or User Environment Manager (UEM), then check if you have the following registry key excluded from the out-of-the-box “Windows Settings – Active Setup”:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4340}

Don’t ask me how I found this solution, but take your advantage with it. After a question in which Windows 10 version we mentioned this issue.
For now I did some tests with Windows 10 versions:

  • In 1803 both sections This PC & Quick Access the search field doesn’t work if you don’t exclude the registry key.
  • In 1909 the registry key exclusion doesn’t do anything. The search field will work out-of-the-box at the This PC section. In the Quick Access section it is not working even if you exclude the key.
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  1. Sander van Gelderen
    Sander van Gelderen says:


    A nice quick fix for the edge browser is when you install the new chrome version of edge the old edge will be removed automatically. This will give you less issues with sysprep.

    Remember this will not happen with canary and beta 😉

    And you will get all the chrome advantages as well

    • Sidney
      Sidney says:

      Thanks Sander for the addition. Recently I implemented the Chromium (Edge Enterprise), but there are also some annoying things. Couldn’t find a policy yet to block Edge Enterprise desktop shortcut creation.
      Also the taskbar icon didn’t change immediately (old Edge) and when clicking on it, you get some migration from old Edge to Edge Enterprise happens. A customized taskbar without Edge is the only fix for now.


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