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TIP 2 – Upgrading Workspace ONE UEM 1909 (or earlier) to 2005 On-Premises Database upgrade installer fails

Last week I’ve been asked to upgrade a Workspace ONE UEM 1909 On-Premises environment to the latest for this moment version 2005. When everything was backed-up and ready for upgrade, I faced immediately an issue during the upgrade installation of the database on the SQL Server (instance). Every time the setup ran, it failed with the same message that the database was not on the right SQL database level. The Workspace ONE/AirWatch environment I worked with was upgraded a lot of times. My first thoughts were check the upgrade guide, but they didn’t mention something about when upgrading from earlier versions before version 2001 do this or that. Second thoughts were check
the database pre-requisites of Workspace ONE UEM 2005. Conclusion was, that we had to align with the pre-requisites.

  • Check the SQL Server version = Current version Microsoft SQL Server Version 2014 (SP2), upgraded to SP3 and latest SQL Management Studio.
  • Check the Database Compatibility Level = Current level SQL Server 2012, changed to SQL Server 2014.

Pity enough with no result.
Okay, so we were mislead by the error from the installation log about having a SQL database level mismatch, but beneath that error was another message that triggered me to look for. The message in the Workspace ONE UEM 2005 database installer log is: “.Net SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 357 Invalid column name ‘OEMID’.” When I look this error on the internet there was a nice KB-article explaining what to do.

In short, since I think AirWatch 9.7 you don’t need to perform any version by version upgrade if you missed an update cycle and you could in immediately upgrade to the version you want. This rule doesn’t apply on the upgrade from 1909 to 2005 for the database upgrade part!!! First you need to upgrade your database from Workspace ONE UEM from 1909 (or earlier) to 2001 and after that you can upgrade to 2005. You don’t need to upgrade all your other Workspace ONE UEM components to 2001…
Source to VMware KB-article:

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  1. Sander van Gelderen
    Sander van Gelderen says:


    A nice quick fix for the edge browser is when you install the new chrome version of edge the old edge will be removed automatically. This will give you less issues with sysprep.

    Remember this will not happen with canary and beta 😉

    And you will get all the chrome advantages as well

    • Sidney
      Sidney says:

      Thanks Sander for the addition. Recently I implemented the Chromium (Edge Enterprise), but there are also some annoying things. Couldn’t find a policy yet to block Edge Enterprise desktop shortcut creation.
      Also the taskbar icon didn’t change immediately (old Edge) and when clicking on it, you get some migration from old Edge to Edge Enterprise happens. A customized taskbar without Edge is the only fix for now.


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