Run a VMware NSX(-T) Edge Node 4.x with bridging functionality on VMware vSphere 6.5 or 6.7

Use Case Recently on a project, where I needed to do a workload migration from a vSphere 6.7 with NSX-V platform to vSphere 7.x with NSX(-T) platform. NSX(-T) 4.1 came out just before our testing phase. With all of our good thoughts, we didn’t want to upgrade in the middle of our workload migration from […]

Fully Automated – App Volumes 4.x – Application Package Creation

How to get a fully automated VMware App Volumes 4.x application package. A couple of years ago, I was running a project where I needed to AppStack 150+ applications with VMware App Volumes. At that time VMware had not an automated way of creating the AppStacks, so I was starting to analyze the process and […]

Do host queries failed, while running the Dell VxVerify script

Recently I was tasked to upgrade a Dell VxRail cluster with version 7.0.411. One of the prerequisites is running the Dell VxVerify (Python) script on the Dell VxRail Manager to verify if your Dell VxRail cluster is ready for the upgrade. The Dell VxRail cluster I performed this upgrade on has an external vCenter.  Download […]

Notes from the field – Missing your devices in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Web)?

A new section in my blog series… Lately I didn’t find much useful to blog about. For me a (technical) blog consists of a problem description, things you tried and a solution to make it work. In the end you hope other people facing this issue as well and use your solution in their own […]

Differences in creating Windows 10 and Windows 11 images on VMware vSphere with Packer.

Not so long a ago I wanted to switch my Windows 10 image creation based on Microsoft MDT and in-guest PowerShell scripts to HasiCorp Packer on my VMware vSphere and Horizon homelab environment. A lot of the vCommunity members wrote blogs about this image creation with Packer, so in this blog I don’t want to […]

Integrate EJBCA as a Certificate Authority in Workspace ONE UEM

Workspace ONE UEM has the ability to integrate with other Certificate Authorities (CA’s) to distribute and create user/device certificates. Examples of common CA’s are Microsoft ADCS, Generic SCEP, Symantec, GlobalSign, RSA and EJBCA. One of my customers requested at their PKI department a system to talk with. They said we are running EJBCA instances, we […]

Dealing with local admin rights on a (non-)persistent VDI.

Use case Recently I had to work on an use case where “VMware Writable Volumes” on VMware Horizon non-persistent VDI came into play for research and development users.The Writable Volume is used for installing developer applications with personlized libraries or even self developed applications. There is really an easy way to give users local administrator […]

Repackage the Mozilla Firefox installer the friendly way

Why this blog… During one of my previous projects in a role as a VMware Application Deployment specialist the customer had the requirement that all applications (if available) were multi-language in at least Dutch and English, so a user can decide by themselves. A couple of years ago the browser application “Mozilla Firefox” was really […]

vEUCaddict’s – VMware EUC Quick Fixes & Tips

TIP 1 – Facing black entries while scrolling in Windows 10 Immersive Control Panel (Apps & Devices)? Maybe this is the reason why…If you are using VMware Horizon Agent 7.10 (and below), VMware Blast protocol to connect to Windows 10 (v1803) VDI session and have a NVIDIA Grid vGPU card in my case Tesla T4 […]

Changing the Windows Display Language with VMware DEM. A User Friendly Way!

During a project for a multinational they asked me, how about to deal with VDI (virtual desktop) and multi languages in Windows.I mentioned that there are two options to use: Use one VDI Golden/Base/Master image per language (so country based) and use the ISO language specific ones. Use one VDI Golden/Base/Master image for all languages […]